What is SiteScan?

SiteScan is a free service from TrustedSite. It allows you to check the security status of your website and detect common misconfigurations and security issues.

With SiteScan, you can get a report on the security status of your site's:

  • SSL / TLS certificate
  • HTTP security headers
  • Third-party JavaScript
  • Cookies
  • Forms
  • Links
  • and more...

Where can I submit a question or suggestion?

If you have questions, suggestions, or other feedback about SiteScan, please submit them here.

What is TrustedSite?

TrustedSite offers solutions that help organizations protect data from external attackers and earn customer trust. With TrustedSite’s attack surface management platform, organizations can see their perimeter from the attacker’s perspective and identify security risks that could lead to a data breach. Organizations that maintain safe websites and demonstrate good business practices are able to earn TrustedSite certifications and trustmarks.

What do I get with the full TrustedSite Security platform?

With the full TrustedSite attack surface management platform you get:

  • All the data you see in SiteScan, compiled across all of your all of your websites and internet-facing IP address
  • Continuous monitoring of all your assets
  • Complete external vulnerability scanning
  • Web application scanning
  • Integrated peneteration testing
  • and more...

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